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Kristel’s Keto Kitchen On Today’s Woman

Ready to commit to a different way of eating but cannot seem to stay on track? You can find lots of meal-prep options in the area to help you. Here’s a closer look at three.

Kristel’s Keto Kitchen

Kristel Allen’s story of weight loss is what ultimately inspired her to start her meal prepping business, Kristel’s Keto Kitchen. What started off as helping a few coworkers plan and prepare their meals each week turned into a business. Kristel attributes much of her weight loss success with “making meal prepping a lifestyle.” Kristel says, “It helps you to be ready and prepared for life.”

Kristel focuses on preparing high protein, low carb meals for herself and her clients each week.  Custom orders are an option as well. Kristel’s Keto Kitchen offers pickup or delivery to specific locations. 

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