Kristel’s Keto Kitchen & More : Food Truck

Kristel’s Keto Kitchen & More :

Food Truck : December 2022

December  1 – Closed

December 2 – UPS Healthcare New Cut Rd. 11:30 am-1:30pm

December 3  – Light Up LaGrange 3:00-9:00

December 4 – Light Up Lyndon

December 5 – Closed for Meal Prep and Delivery

December 6 – Dixie Elementary 11am-1pm

December 7 – UPS Healthcare 11:30am-1:30

December 7 – Winter Spectacular at Iroquois Park 6pm-10pm

December 8 – 4th Street Food Truck Night 4pm-8pm

December 9 – Laukoff Elementary 11am-1pm

Winter Spectacular at Iroquois Park 6pm-10pm

December 10 – Winter Spectacular at Iroquois Park 6pm-10pm

December 11 – Winter Spectacular at Iroquois Park 6pm-10pm

Also this weeks Keto Meal Prep Pickup Location

December 12 – Open for Booking

December 13 – Open for Booking

Last Day to place Holiday Orders!!

December 14 – Closed for Holiday Order Prep

December15 – Winter Spectacular at Iroquois Park 6pm-10pm

December 16 – Central High School 10:30am-1:00pm

December 17 – Closed for Catering

December 18 – Open for Booking

December 19 – Closed for Holiday Order Prep

December 20 – December 27 Closed for Holiday’s

December 28 – Open for Booking

December 29 – Winter Spectacular at Iroquois Park 6pm-10pm

December  30 – Winter Spectacular at Iroquois Park 6pm-10pm

December 31 – Open for Booking

January 1 – Winter Spectacular Iroquois Park 6pm-10pm

Text 502-356-9301 today no online ordering. 

Forms of Payment : Credit Cards, Debit, Cash 

CashApp: $Kristel Jammeh



Menu: Nutritional Facts :

Keto Pulled Pork or Chicken Nachos 

Cal: 219 Fat: 16 Carbs: 8 Protein: 18

Enjoy the smoked and savory flavors without worrying about sugar and carbs!  Enjoy your lifestyle, remember this is not a diet!  You have the freedom to enjoy these meals and your healthy snacks to improve your quality of life without the guilt.

This item is served with Quinoa Chips, nacho cheese, jalapeños, and sugar free BBQ sauce


Keto Loaded Chicken Salad

Cal: 235 Fat: 21 Carbs: 3 Protein: 19 Fiber: 2 Saturated Fat: 5

Keto Loaded Chicken Salad is made with chicken breast, bacon, cheddar, dill pickle, and mayo.  You will love the savory flavors of this unique chicken salad.  I have filled it with the protein and healthy fats from cheese, bacon, and chicken.  Try some today!  Enjoy with Quinoa chips, pickle chips, or cucumbers.  These facts are for a 12 oz portion.


Keto Mac N Cheese

Cal:270  Fat:23  Carbs: 7 Protein: 14

This rich and creamy take on your favorite comfort food is made with baked cauliflower and five cheeses.    Cauliflower is rich in vitamin C and contains Vitamin K, which helps prevent blood clotting and supports a healthy metabolism.

Smoked Pork Chop with Keto Mac N Cheese

Cal: 287 Fat: 18 Carbs: 7 Protein: 28

Marinated in fresh lemon juice and herbs enjoy the thick cut grilled and then smoked pork chop!  It’s a great source of protein and enjoy my guilt free Keto Mac N Cheese pairing!








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